What is Mindfulness?

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Mindfulness: Watching Your Thoughts

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapies

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Why I Use Evidence-Based Therapy

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What Sophia Loren taught me about Mindfulness

Sophia Loren had my heart from the moment she rolled onto her back and vulnerably exposed her belly for a scratch.  She had been a “lifer” at the humane society and was scheduled for euthanasia on Valentine’s Day.  The good folks at the Greenville Humane Society collaborated with Astro Kennels who had recently started a last chance adoption program.  Upon relocating Sophia to Astro Kennels, her trainer, Sandy Bayne, schooled her in the art of “good dog.” She was now ready to pass on to a forever home.  I naively believed I would use my training as a psychotherapist and knowledge of behavioral strategies to expand her education.  As is often the case when we set out on a single path with a clear agenda, the universe giggles.

After a month of life with Sophia, I realized that paradoxically, SHE was training me in the art of “good human.” Sophia exemplifies the life I help both my clients and myself lead.  Although she had a difficult start in life, she does not appear limited or resentful due to unhelpful thoughts or beliefs about her past.  Additionally she does not show signs of worry or distress over what might happen tomorrow. Sophia exists “mindfully in the moment.”  She focuses on what is important RIGHT NOW and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Below are some of my observations on Sophia’s most evident mindfulness skills.

LOVE:  Sophia loves unconditionally. She doesn’t judge based on a bad hair day, icky morning breath or a harsh statement uttered last week in anger. She loves us for who we are to her. We are her humans, her peeps, her posse, the givers of belly rubs, chew toys, walks, a comfortable bed, breakfast, [...]

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Introduction to A Balanced Life

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