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Change can seem a mysterious, frightening and rigorous venture. I strive to make both the process and the destination clear, fluid and fun. It is my distinct pleasure and honor to collaborate with and continue to grow along side the individuals in my practice. Below is a small sample of testimonials from the people I work with. For confidentiality purposes, names or other identifying information has purposefully been omitted.

I sincerely thank Laurie for her exemplary work in assisting me as I strive to reach a better balance in my life as it relates to anxiety and depression. From the initial call for information and throughout our sessions I have found her to be very professional and knowledgeable. Laurie possesses great communication skills and has meticulous attention to detail, both of which has made for a smooth and steady progression with our sessions. She ensures I am comfortable and satisfied with the work we are doing and how I can apply it in my life each day. Laurie is always friendly, always prompt, and always helpful. She brings a level of personalization and sincerity that puts one at ease during what has been an overwhelming and stressful time and transition. She has been committed every step of the way and the process and time with her has gone beyond that of work done with previous therapists. I am thankful and pleased with her methods and approach to cognitive behavioral therapy and it’s application to daily life.
I was going through an old journal and thoughts of you and the time I spent in your room came gushing back to me! I just wanted to say hi and tell you that my memories of your help and guidance are some of the most positive ones I’ve ever had in my adult life. I was going through such a tough time and you really helped me to pull out of it and to find my strength I didn’t even know I had!
I was going through an old journal and thoughts of you and the time I spent in your room came gushing back to me! I just wanted to say hi and tell you that my memories of your help and guidance are some of the most positive ones I’ve ever had in my adult life. I was going through such a tough time and you really helped me to pull out of it and to find my strength I didn’t even know I had!
I had a wonderful experience with Laurie. She provided a welcoming and warm environment as well as great advice that helped me to learn how to manage anxiety. Because of my time with her, I am much better-prepared to face life’s challenges, big or small. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in such matters. Thanks, Laurie!
Laurie has given my husband and I a beautiful gift. Her office is what we refer to as our “safe space” and it is! She has taught us that most often our issues stem from our differing communication styles and not from an intent to hurt each other. We both actually look forward to our sessions as we continue to strengthen and become more joyful in our marriage.
Laurie has helped me through so much!! So many deaths in the family, marital problems, anxiety, depression, domestic violence issues, insecurity, self esteem issues, and the list goes on!! Laurie is very kind, understanding, sympathetic, empathetic, funny, unique, caring and down to earth!! You can be totally honest and spill ALL of the beans with her because she is so very trustworthy. She’s a good listener and also gives great advice. She will never judge you or make you feel bad for anything!! And if you cry, she has plenty of tissue as well!! She has a great sense of humor and has made me laugh when I have felt like crying. She is like everything you would ever want or need in a best friend only in a professional aspect!! WHATEVER you are going through Laurie can help you. And if what you need help with doesn’t fall within her expertise, she will find the absolute perfect person for you and your needs!! She has never steered me wrong! She goes above and beyond her call of duty for you to get the help you need! Laurie is an amazing person and I am thankful to have her as a part of my life! She helps me to think differently, to better myself everyday, and to be the kind of person I want to be!! She really has a great way of teaching to where it sticks and stays with you! Every time I leave there, I feel better about myself and better about life in general!! My world is a better place because of her being a part of it.
Sometimes all we need is a safe place to voice what’s really on our minds; a “judgment-free” zone to let our mental and emotional laundry hang out without shame or recrimination. It’s healthy to find that place, of course, but transformative when you find that it’s inhabited by someone like Laurie. Laurie has an amazing gift: she is a beautiful listener. She doesn’t try to sway you with pithy, intellectual tidbits, or position you closer to the edge of her personal opinions, or verbally negotiate for her own point of view. She simply listens. I leave every session I have with Laurie with a heart that’s a little less burdened, a mind that’s a little more open, and a spirit that’s quietly starting to sing again.
My time with Laurie was centered around self-awareness and self-empowerment. She especially helped to guide me towards full actualization and becoming a better version of myself. My time with her was priceless and I will always be very appreciative for her kindness and guidance.
I started counseling to help deal with anxiety and excess stress. My time spent there has genuinely made a difference for me. I have found that I have significantly less anxiety and I have the tools to counteract the anxiety that I do have, I am more confident, and I am happier with my life and who I am. I have gained important perspective and tools for moving forward with confidence.
I found Laurie through a search on the internet. In my first visit I found her to be very genuine.  She is very respectful of my concerns and offers insightful feedback.  She is not afraid to challenge me or my beliefs but does so in a thoughtful and compassionate way.  She has helped me a great deal.

I love, love, love my time with Laurie. She is the voice of reason and calmness in the midst of my worst storms. And so easy to talk to… it’s like hanging out with one of your best friends. She helps me see things in a new, unbiased light. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself was that first phone call to her.

I have been going to therapy for years and never thought I’d find a therapist like Laurie.  In the most distressing period of my life, when I thought all hope was lost… she helped me find my true self again.  What I loved most about going to see her was her warmth, creativity, intelligence, and judgement-free space.  I am grateful everyday for Laurie’s guidance through that time and to where I am now.
My favorite part of my sessions with Laurie was that she would listen to me, then hone in on the tiniest aspect of my words that seemed insignificant to me. She would expose me to myself and give me so much to consider. Because of this, I was able to expedite the healing process. I wish I would have met her sooner!
My favorite part of my sessions with Laurie was that she would listen to me, then hone in on the tiniest aspect of my words that seemed insignificant to me. She would expose me to myself and give me so much to consider. Because of this, I was able to expedite the healing process. I wish I would have met her sooner!
Laurie is a wonderfully wise, sensitive, and encouraging therapist and coach. Working with her for over a period of a year and a half, Laurie enabled me to see myself in a completely different way, challenging long held negative beliefs and letting me find my way — in my own time — to reframe many of them. She is gentle in her approach yet firm in her guidance. She also has a finely honed sense of humor, which made my time with her pass very quickly! I’m enormously grateful to Laurie for her kindess and counsel, and highly recommend her to others interested in changing their lives.
Laurie Boussom is probably the best talk therapist I’ve had. There’s something about her—her warmth, her sense of humor, her wise insights—that made me want to open up. She listens carefully; she is totally present the whole session, as evidenced by details and nuances she remembers in future conversations. That’s what my sessions with Laurie were: good conversations, but conversations that engendered positive change. I always looked forward to spending time with her. I also loved the welcoming and cozy space she created, with beautiful artwork and art objects, comfortable chairs and couches, overstuffed pillows, restrained lighting. She created a safe and nurturing environment for self-exploration. She’s a total professional: always on time, keeps her commitments, knows when to just listen and when to offer insight. You feel gently directed while you find your own way.
I just want you to know how much I appreciate what you’ve done for me and my family. From our first meeting you made me feel proud of what I’d accomplished on my own and less anxious about the changes to come. Your compassion, warmth and patience made me feel I was talking with a trusted friend. I’m stronger and more confident now and my relationships with my husband and children are the best they’ve ever been. You are a treasure, thank you!
I am very thankful for Laurie. She challenges me, encourages me and keeps me moving forward. I appreciate knowing that she is teaching me, while at the same time learning with me. It helps me to know that she is continuing to work on her own skills and mastery. Thank you, Laurie for doing what you do and for being who you are. It has made a huge difference in my life.
Working with Laurie as a mentor has impacted me in a profound way. She has helped me to challenge my own thoughts and to be at peace with reality. I feel like a different person even after the short time I have worked with her. Laurie is a one of a kind therapist and mentor filled with so much wisdom and a passion for her work like none other.
I first came to Laurie in a time in my life where I felt I was backsliding again… that all previous progress made in my recovery and management of my depression was gone. I felt I had failed myself and those around me by continuing to make poor choices, to have my past continue to hurt myself and those I loved. Through our one on one meetings and CBT group sessions Laurie has taught me to first stop and test the negative thoughts and to acknowledge when they are not true. She’s helped me to realize, through positive reinforcement of my achievements, that I am not my mistakes or baggage. She is not only sympathetic but empathetic to the situations I face. She shares appropriately when she has faced a similar situation, letting me know I’m not alone, and that I can begin again with a clean slate and be whole and loved and at peace.
I have been working with Laurie for an extended period of time. This is not my first experience with therapy, but it has definitely been my best. Laurie asks questions to help me identify problems, and encourages me as I work toward resolutions. It is important that I discover and solve issues myself, rather than have someone else take control. She has been fantastic in that regard, keeping me on task and offering insight, but making certain that I am finding my own way. The progress we have made is amazing, and I can’t thank her enough for the changes she has helped me make.
I appreciate Laurie for being so helpful to me. She helped me to restore the light that was squelched over the last few months. I appreciate everything she has done.
Laurie is a curious, enthusiastic, warm individual with a gentle sense of humor who brings these attributes combined with skills and experience to meet clients individual therapy needs.
I thank Laurie for the time she has given to helping me. I am very grateful for the encouragement and direction. It has helped me attempt many things I wouldn’t have otherwise tried. Laurie is very good at what she does.
I will forever remember the first time that I met Laurie. Her inviting smile and invisible self confidence emit the warmth of fire on a cold wintry night. I suspect years ago that she was like so many of us, searching for answers and directions to questions we did not know we were looking for, perhaps, like a rough edged stone, laying on the side of any road. Laurie has taken her stone, and over time, polished it to a smooth, shiny, dare I say almost mirror like jewel, that reflects her positive strength and vision back to those she meets. She is like very few people I have met She is a kind hearted, honest and extremely knowledgeable woman and one that I will forever be indebted to for letting me look into that mirror, see what opportunities lay ahead, and gently help me to become better in every aspect of my personal and professional life.
Incredibly empowering, helped me to grow both personally and professionally. The kind of person who leaves you better off then she found you…pushes you to look with in to find the best you there is. Her passion and enthusiasm for life and her work leaves a lasting impression.
Few truly exemplify the rare quality of authentic leadership. The ability to live professionally and personally by ones values, morals and ethics is a sign of a natural leader. A leader is much more then a person who steady direction for peers and colleagues. A true leader is someone who inspires others via support, education, knowledge, education, experience, and wisdom. In turn, the effective leader encourages each individual to define their own vision. As one of the most influential individuals in my life, Laurie Boussom has taught me that vision is one of the first elements of transforming from the ordinary to the extraordinary. If you do not have a clear picture of where you are going, then it is most probable that you will never get there. Vision is what Henry Ford had when he dreamed of a horse carriage. It is what Beethoven had when he composed a symphony. The importance of having a vision personally and professionally is what Laurie Boussom has not only reinforced in broad terms, but she has further coached me on then defining steps to accomplish or make strides towards my vision. I have been honored and consider it a great privilege to have Laurie Boussom as a mentor. She has had a substantial impact on my growth, not only personally but professionally as well. She encourages one to discover their gifts, talents and passions via a unique style that not only provides support but problem solving strategies. Often she has invested time to encourage me to figure out the answers to my own unique questions in all realms of my life. Laurie Boussom possesses a unique and highly effective approach to foster others in becoming the best they can be. She values stepping back to consider one’s beliefs, values, dreams and passions–––and articulating visions and plans. Extraordinary people have a vision that surpasses reason and sees what is possible rather than the impossible around them. I count knowing Laurie Boussom as a great gift. I hope to mentor others as she has mentored me. She is an extraordinary person who authentically values and cares about the growth of others around her as well as the advancement and effectiveness of the group with whom she works. Laurie Boussom simply is a woman of tremendous integrity and a phenomenal leader. 
I had the pleasure of being the mentor coach for Laurie Boussom from March 7, 2008 to the present. It has been a privilege, an honor, and a pleasure to witness Laurie’s personal and professional development in this time. Since that time, I can easily attest to Laurie’s’ professionalism and her dedication to her clients. Her commitment to her own growth as a person and as a coach is impressive. I particularly observe her desire to serve her clients well by attending to her ongoing learning around the ICF core competencies. She obviously knows the distinction between being an expert and seeking to attain mastery. Her willingness to explore her own belief systems makes her an authentic coach and she truly does “walk the talk”. Her sense of humor is also a great asset of hers. I’m sure she will continual to pursue mastery long after people around her say she has achieved it. Laurie is a truly caring person and is very easy to talk to. Her ethics within our profession are of the highest order, and I have no qualms about saying as a colleague that Laurie clearly represents our profession well.
Stewart Berman, PCC
I’ve been a client of Laurie’s for a couple years now. She’s so down to earth and easy to talk to. Her perspective and means of helping me work through various hurdles I encounter is so refreshing. To hear your therapist say, “Its ok to be angry and upset about this for a little while” is somewhat unexpected and endearing, in a way. I’ve gained back my sense of self and strength throughout the time I’ve worked with Laurie. I strongly suggest meeting with her. You won’t regret it!”
C.B., 2016
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