Professional Services

Relationship counseling is for you if you experience:

… dissatisfaction or infidelity in your relationship, feeling as if your needs/feelings are not understood or acknowledged, inability to find a middle ground with your partner, rehashing the same arguments again and again with no resolution. Relationship counseling can also help if you want a deeper, more intimate relationship.

I also offer pre-marital counseling to help couples discuss the essential questions and issues needed for a marriage to thrive and divorce mediation to help couples experience a respectful, healthy divorce when the choice is made to end a marriage.

Individual counseling is for you if you struggle with:

… worry, nervous feelings, fear, feeling doomed, irritability, restlessness or racing thoughts, stress, lack of concentration, poor sleep, feeling negative about yourself, others and/or your life, hopelessness, unrelenting tiredness and extreme sadness.

These can all be signs of what is clinically defined as anxiety and/or depression. Many times the symptoms of anxiety and depression overlap and can vary in intensity and duration. Research has indicated the treatment of choice for these struggles is a collaborative, skills building, evidence-based approach, which includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Coaching is for you if you aspire to:

… live a more wholehearted, satisfying life, get motivated and focus on life’s next steps, become more balanced and happy on a regular basis, increase success in career, home or relationships.

Group Counseling is for you if you:

… learn best in a group setting, appreciate the wisdom/input of others in a similar experience, need a cost-effective, time-limited solution.

Free Seminars are for you if you:

… want to get more information or learn a skill in a specific topic, want a test-drive of the counseling experience, want a chance to see if my style/approach is the right “fit” for you, want to meet others in similar experiences.