Professional Life Coaching is geared toward people who are already thriving and desire to do better, feel better and live a more balanced, wholehearted life. Initial coaching sessions are spent defining and clarifying goals and values. Subsequent sessions help the “coachee” recognize barriers and master the skills and strategies Sessions are very collaborative and interactive. The focus is on the WHO of the coachee, which includes an intellectual, emotional and spiritual component.

Typical topics addressed in Professional Life Coaching:
Stage of Life
Career change/advancement
Life Balance
Spiritual development

Professional Life Coaching is normally conducted via Skype/Face-Time or over the phone. Sessions are 45-50 minutes and are scheduled every one to two weeks. Sessions are paid monthly in advance. Duration of coaching is based on individual needs. The first 20-25 minute introductory session is complimentary. It is crucial that the coach and the coachee are a good match based on values, style of learning and personality. It is recommended that a coachee interview at least 2-3 coaches before making a final hiring decision.

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