I’m learning about the balance of rest and play.  I played too hard, for too long with my sister, Lucy AND my friends at doggie daycare.  I hurt my leg.  It’s been sore for a while, but I’m pretty tough and can act brave even when I am afraid and hurt.

My mom took me to the doggie doctor and after he poked and prodded me everywhere, he said I had a torn ligament and I need to take it easy.   When I think really hard about this, it makes sense.  If all I do is play, my body misses out on rest.  It’s fun to hang with all the dogs but I need to remember, I’m not a puppy anymore.  Heck in dog years I’m almost 30!

It’s not so bad at the office.  My mom calls me her co-therapist and has sworn me to confidentiality (what ever that means.)  I greet and sniff all the great people who come to see her.  I try to listen to everything they say, but eventually I get tired and fall asleep. I ’m pretty sure I snore and fart in my sleep but no one complains.     Even though it’s not the same as playing with my dog buddies, chasing cats or playing tug with my mom, it’s probably what I need right now.

I’ll post more next week, I promise.

Peace Out and Pitts Rule,