Standing tough under stars and stripes, we can tellt his dream’s in sight

You’ve got to admit it, at this point in time that it’s clear

The future looks bright, on that train all graphite and glitter, under sea by rail

Ninety minutes from New York to Paris, well by seventy-­six we’ll be A.O.K.

What a beautiful world this will be What a glorious time to be free.

– Donald Fagan

I often joke about how wonderful life would be if everyone lived in Laurie-­land. A community designed around my values and beliefs, the aspects of life and self that I deem important. What a concept!  I acknowledge a superficial urge to include super-­cute boots, homes designed in the spirit of Gaudi, guilt-­free ice cream and free travel in my vision. However, the essence of Laurie-­?land comes from the inside out.

My vision for Laurie-­land is not predicated on utopia.  I prefer my life with a side of messy.  I revel in the beauty of experiencing other cultures, other ways of making sense of our limited time on this lovely planet. I honor the challenge to remain non-­judgmental when faced with divergent thought. The allure and wonder of the unknown has honed my sense of curiosity and paradoxically, my faith. While I consistently fight the process, I have learned and grown the most as a result of my struggles.  My deepest pain has led me (kicking and screaming at times) to compassion, kindness and love.

However, in Laurie-­land, EVERYONE maintains the unwavering belief that they are enough. We are an inclusive community, where people are prioritized above things. We build bridges and don’t see the need for gates. Our value is based on who we authentically are, rather than what we have or do for a living.  We believe that when we know better, we do better.  We voted perfectionism out, in favor of “good enough.” We raucously celebrate accomplishments with music and dance.  Failures are only “success in progress” and a necessary means to growth.

We view our lives as the ongoing exploration of mind, body and soul; as a result we savor the nuances of the journey.  Laurie-­lander’s know that we only control our own words and actions. Kindness is our guiding star.  We love openly, without expectation or fear. It is accepted that people will filter in and out of our lives and we are grateful for the time we do share. Our community maintains peace as we recognize that forgiveness is actually a gift to ourselves. We believe trust is earned over time and does not come with money back guarantee.

In Laurie-­land, life-­long learning is mandatory. Gossip is a considered a crime against humanity. We recognize that learning takes shape in many forms. We regularly engage in face-­to-­face passionate conversations about ideas and possibilities. We listen deeply, as we have unglued ourselves from the belief that any one person has the market cornered on RIGHT.  We speak and act from both heart and head. We use the power of our language to strengthen and comfort others. If there is a choice between being right and being kind, Laurie-­lander’s typically opt for kind.

Laurie-­?land exists in my life. I fumble through, day-­?to-­?day, doing my best to live the vision, to bring the best version of myself to every situation. It exists in the possibility of hope I instill in those I work with and for. It exists in the way I treat myself, especially on those days I feel fat, ugly and stupid.  The potential exists in each of us, with our own unique twist.  As Donald Fagen sang, “It is a beautiful world and glorious time to be free.” In my personal twist, free from the THINGS that limit our thinking and shrink our possibilities.

Oh yeah, and spandex, jackets………one for everyone!

Welcome to laurie-land2