a balanced life coaching is grounded in Positive Psychology; the study of well-being, success and directed growth.

Traditional psychology asks “what’s wrong?” The focus is problem-oriented. Counseling ends with reduction of troubling symptoms.

Positive Psychology coaching asks “What works?” The focus is potential-oriented. Positive Psychology coaching begins by exploring strengths, skills, talents and the quirky stuff that makes you uniquely you.

Learn and apply the mindset and behaviors of those that succeed in all areas and stages of life.

I provide a balance of education, research-driven applied knowledge as well as heart, respect and the inspiration to shift you from where you are to where you want to be.

Choose any combination of office, Skype or phone coaching and a range of pricing options.

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Intentional Living: Begins Wednesday, September 23, 6:00-7:30

This six-week group is based on the science-based principles from Martin Seligman’s model of happiness and well being.

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Angela Duckworth operates the Duckworth Lab at the University of Pennsylvania, which studies the interplay between grit and self-control. According to Angela:

Grit is the tendency to sustain interest in and effort toward very long-term goals. Self-control is the voluntary regulation of behavioral, emotional, and attentional impulses in the presence of momentarily gratifying temptations or diversions.

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